Protafloc Tablets (20kg)
Protafloc Tablets (20kg)

Protafloc Tablets (20kg)

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Protafloc tablets are a tabletted carrageenan product which is added to the wort in the kettle to enhance protein removal as the wort cools. There are many benefits. It is a natural product which removes substantial quantities of haze forming material without affecting head retention. It produces brighter worts, reducing the amount of finings required later. It increases rate of fermentation and attenuation and increases filter runs and prolongs shelf life in small pack beers and reduces process time.

This product is a processing aid not an additive so doesn’t require label declaration. It reduces tank losses, and is 5-10% more efficient than competitive products. Its tabletted for easy use.

For more detail please refer to the datasheets.


Technical Datasheet: Click HERE to view & download

This provides the detailed information you need to use the product; detailing the benefits, where to use it, how to use it and the dose required.


Safety Datasheet: Click HERE to view & download

This provides all the essential safety data legally required for the product; detailing any hazardous chemicals used, best practices on how to store and handle the product, as well as how to deal with spills, fires and medical emergencies.



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