Dehaze (5kg)

Dehaze (5kg)

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DeHaze selectively targets haze sensitive proteins, protecting your beer from the formation of chill haze during (adequate) storage.  Dose into cold pitching wort at the start of fermentation.

Enhance your colloidal stability further by combining DeHaze with PVPP, silica or other enzymes.

For more information on how we conduct our in house gluten testing and our 5 tips for successful gluten free brewing, please click here-


Technical Datasheet: Click HERE to view & download

This provides the detailed information you need to use the product; detailing the benefits, where to use it, how to use it and the dose required.

Safety Datasheet: Click HERE to view & download

This provides all the essential safety data legally required for the product; detailing any hazardous chemicals used, best practices on how to store and handle the product, as well as how to deal with spills, fires and medical emergencies.




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