Aromazyme (100g)

Aromazyme (100g)

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ABV AROMAZYME is a food-grade enzyme preparation developed to increase the complexity of the hop aroma and flavor profile in beer.

Application of ABV AROMAZYME during fermentation helps brewers improve their hop utilization by releasing additional volatile aroma compounds, allowing for a reduction in overall hop quantities, or use of less sophisticated hop varieties. This food-grade enzyme preparation, which is derived from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger, is composed of β-glucosidase enzymes that are capable of hydrolyzing the glycosidic bonds, liberating monoterpene alcohol compounds and glucose.

Key Benefits

- Increases the diversity of hop flavors and aroma by changing the ratio of specific terpene compounds

- Enhances the beer mouthfeel and drinkability by reducing unpleasant harsh bitterness

- Slightly increases wort fermentability

- Expresses more character from less sophisticated hop varieties


Product Format: Powder

How much to add

The recommended dosage is 5g/hL.

AROMAZYME has optimal activity between pH 3.5-6.5, although lower activity is still observed at pH 3.0 for use in sour beers. The optimal temperature range is 15-65° C (59-149° F).

Dilute the enzyme in water (~ 10ml per 1g of enzyme) to ensure even distribution within the fermenter.


Technical Datasheet: Click HERE to view & download

This provides the detailed information you need to use the product; detailing the benefits, where to use it, how to use it and the dose required.


Safety Datasheet: Click HERE to view & download

This provides all the essential safety data legally required for the product; detailing any hazardous chemicals used, best practices on how to store and handle the product, as well as how to deal with spills, fires and medical emergencies.



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