Polyclar Brewbrite Granules (10 kg)

Polyclar Brewbrite Granules (10 kg)

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provides clarification and stabilization in one product


Polyclar™ brewbrite granules and original Polyclar™ brewbrite provide kettle fining and stabilization in one product. The new granular version is easier to use because it does not need to be pre-hydrated and can be added directly to the kettle. In addition, Polyclar™ brewbrite granules have a low dust content, are easier to handle, and are available in smaller boxed format.

Polyclar™ brewbrite granules contain an optimized ratio of purified k-carrageenan and polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP); there are no added fillers. As a result, Polyclar™ brewbrite granules disperse easily in the kettle, can be removed with the trub, and requires no specialized equipment such as slurry tanks or dosing pumps.


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