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Amyloglucosidase 300 is an enzyme that helps to increase the fermentability of wort. This product is ideal to use for the production of highly attenuated low carbohydrate beers. It can also be used as an alternative to priming sugar, increase filterability and improve beer shelf life. It is derived from a selected strain of an Aspergillus sp. It can be added to the mash conversion vessel, fermenter, or post-fermentation, depending on application.

TIP- Although optimum temperatures are suited to mashing, the enzyme will still work at fermentation temperatures. Thus, addition into the fermentation vessel will ensure complete dryness. For example, a 55 gravity wort ( ῀ 13.75 Plato) will produce a beer of ῀7.2% ABV.

For more detail please refer to the datasheets.


Technical Datasheet: Click HERE to view & download

This provides the detailed information you need to use the product; detailing the benefits, where to use it, how to use it and the dose required.


Safety Datasheet: Click HERE to view & download

This provides all the essential safety data legally required for the product; detailing any hazardous chemicals used, best practices on how to store and handle the product, as well as how to deal with spills, fires and medical emergencies.



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